I’m Worried That IMDb Has Lost Interest in What the Word “Spoiler” Means.

From IMDb’s LOST page:


One Word Title. Soaked Clothes. Relationships! Oh man, can you even believe these absolute bombshells? Hopefully you didn’t accidentally roll over this and learn everything there is to know about the show that you definitely couldn’t figure out from any commercial for it that has aired over the past four years. SOAKED CLOTHES!

I’m beginning to think that IMDb is just a bunch of chimps wearing silly little hats, hammering away recklessly at keyboards attached to computers that are never plugged in. A confused man in a blindfold sits in the corner and takes arduous notes using a pen made of a straw filled with hot mayonnaise. He takes these notes and hands them over to IMDb’s Director of Things, who glances at them, throws them away, and then types “SOAKED CLOTHES” into this computer.

Did I mention the chimps are smoking cigars? The chimps are also smoking cigars.


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