TV On The Radio Released Dear Science One Year Ago Today.

And I’m willing to bet that in exactly one year from today, I’ll still be listening to it and will still be equally as confused as to how it makes me feel. Am I supposed to be sad? Happy? In the mood to dance? In the mood to lie on dry mid-November grass on a chilly Sunday afternoon in McCarren Park and let the multicolored leaves rain down upon me? Am I supposed to fall asleep to it? Get up to it? Does it make me want to cry? Laugh? Pet dogs? Have sex? Drink wine? Drink milk? Maybe all of those things at once?

Regardless, Dear Science is, in a meager attempt at succinctly capturing its power, a transcendent album worthy of the highest praise possible. It got me through some pretty rough times over the past 365 days, and I hope that the next 365 are a little more forgiving. And with Dear Science at my side, the future doesn’t look so bleak. Dear Science is my buddy; Dear Science is my best friend.

And on a completely related and disheartening note, TV On The Radio will be on a year-long hiatus. Long overdue, yes, but still crappy news nevertheless. 😦


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