Horse the Band’s New Album, Desperate Living, Is Streaming Online & It Sounds Like It Was Produced in a Zoo in Outer Space.


I won’t lie to you—I’ve already listened to this album in its entirety three times, and I can’t imagine stopping in the foreseeable future. The only problem is that I can’t come up with a logical connection of words to explain exactly what this album is doing to me. I guess I could best describe it as the aural equivalent of getting bodyslammed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange by a gaggle of apes wearing flourescent-colored hockey masks on the day of a massive market crash. Oh, did I mention that this all happens in some sort of surreal, two-dimensional Nintendo world? This all happens in some sort of surreal, two-dimensional Nintendo world.

This record has driven me insane. Click the link below to experience the 2D ape slams. And let me know if you too think that Horse the Band recorded this album on the moon, in another universe, or somewhere else of similar astronomical merit where one can succumb to acute space dementia.


Desperate Living officially drops next Tuesday, October 6. And if you download the album illegally instead of purchasing it like a respectable human being, I will personally come over to your house/work/barber shop and Horse the Beat the shit out of you for being a cheapskate.


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