R.I.P. Makh Daniels

This stinks. From Brooklyn Vegan (via The Gauntlet):

…Early Graves (formerly Apiary) vocalist Makh Daniels was killed last night as the bands [sic] van rolled over. The band was headed to a show in Reno, NV when the accident occurred.

I’m finally getting around to figuring out the metal scene here in San Francisco and no more than one week after I get into Early Graves—who might be the best from the litany of new music I’ve tried surrounding myself with since arriving in the area four weeks ago—this happens. Of course my feelings are the last thing that matter in tragedies like this, but it blows that that’s now one fewer rad band to check out. Hopefully they will be able to recover and bounce back, but in the meantime rest easy, Makh.

Makh Daniels


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