An Incredibly Long Overdue It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Drinking Game

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia gang drinks wine in a can

Three years ago I came up with the idea of putting together a drinking game to accompany weekly viewings of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a show that, for the most part, was still trying to find mainstream success. And because I didn’t have a blog at the time, I was relegated to scribbling down the “rules” on a Taco Bell napkin at a girlfriend’s apartment. That was 2007. Now, in 2010, which is dozens of Taco Bell napkins and girlfriends later, I’ve finally decided to officially publish my long overdue It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia drinking game. Of course, Sunny is now a ridiculously popular show, meaning every jabroni has since put together his or her own drinking game, most of which are crammed with so many rules that you can realistically find yourself drinking for a half hour straight. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I always found the point of drinking games, especially those involving television shows or movies and are more of the sit-and-wait variety, is that they have the ability to allow the participant(s) to enjoy two things simultaneously, rather than it being purely a means of drinking faster to get drunk sooner.

So here’s my very concise, very manageable It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia drinking game; it’s engaging enough to give you a good buzz without being too demanding that it draws your attention away from the show. And despite it being written three years ago, it’s still very apt. (I played it during the “Mac’s Mom Burns Her House Down” episode from two weeks ago and had an absolute shitkicker of a time.)

Enjoy those drinks, boners.


  • Drink one for each corresponding day that the cold open takes place. (Ex., Monday = 1, Tuesday = 2, … Sunday = 7)
  • Drink one at the start of the theme song and one at the end of the theme song
  • Drink one at every mention of Paddy’s Pub
  • Drink one every time someone says “shit”
  • Drink two every time someone drinks booze on screen, i.e. “when they drink, we drink”
  • Drink two every time 2+ people on screen are trying to talk/yell over each other
  • Drink two every time Charlie gets whiny
  • Drink two every time Charlie showcases his illiteracy
  • Drink two every time Dee is pathetic (subjective, but if it’s in question, drink)
  • Drink two every time Dennis is conceited/full of himself
  • Drink two every time Mac is insecure
  • Drink two every time Mac feigns badassness
  • Drink two every time Frank suggests/engages in something illegal
  • Drink five every time someone says “god damnit!”
  • Drink fifteen every time someone says “god damnit, Charlie!
  • Shotgun one beer if a gun is produced at some point in an episode

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