Top Indie/Pop Albums of 2015

Two things:

1) Can you blame me for tweeting this back way back when?

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 12.37.36 AM.png

I mean history has shown that I would be right…how was I supposed to know that Beach House would make me look like a dumb dumb by opting out of 2014 altogether in favor of dropping two albums in 2015?  [unamused emoji]

2) It’s becoming clearer to me each year that I lump too many genres together for this portion of the year in review. My own personal tastes haven’t exactly shifted, but have grown to involve more electronic/EDM outfits lately, and I fear that by just having an “indie/pop” group to encompass the “other” that isn’t rap, hip hop, or metal will really ostracize tons of great music. Music that would otherwise be on a year-end list if the person in charge of this blog was as good at creating a more focused system of music classification as he is at convincing himself that Tostitos salsa is good for him “because of the chunky veggies.” [expressionless face emoji]

So here is my final “indie/pop” combination best-of list. Next year will be a little more specific! But I do think that the below is a good representation of the crème de la crème of 2015. Enjoy. [cat face with wry smile emoji, because why not]

10. Beach House – Depression Cherry
🔑 track: “10:37”

9. CHVRCHES – Every Open Eye
🔑 track: “Clearest Blue”

8. Father John Misty – I Love You, Honeybear
🔑 track: “When You’re Smiling And Astride Me”

7. WIN WIN – Primaries
🔑 track: “Been so Long”

6. Battles – La Di Da Di
🔑 track: “The Yabba”

5. Pictureplane – Technomancer
🔑 track: “Joyrider”

4. Neon Indian – Vega Intl. Night School
🔑 track: “Dear Skorpio Magazine”

3. Major Lazer – Peace Is the Mission
🔑 track: “Lean On (feat. MØ & DJ Snake)”

2. Jamie xx – In Colour
🔑 track: “Obvs”

1. Tame Impala – Currents
🔑 track: “‘Cause I’m A Man”


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