John Tavares Scored a Game-Winner, and My Favorite Wikipedia Tradition Continues.

Whenever something pivotal happens in the world of sports—typically a heroic effort that creates a win, or an epic bed-shitting that results in defeat—the kind folks over at Who Has The Time For This, LLC like to go into Wikipedia afterward and update the respective pages of the parties responsible. They have turned relative unknowns into titans among men, have chiseled figures on the Mount Rushmores of sports down to mere rubble, and oftentimes just like to goof around with no real prompting whatsoever.

Last night John Tavares’ series-clinching, double overtime goal against the Panthers on home ice triggered a Wikipedia consultation. And although the results were more of the caffeine-free, ultra lite variety, there were still dependable results nonetheless.



I’ll take it wherever I can get it. Hopefully the combination of NBA and NHL playoffs, major golf championships, and grand slam tennis in the upcoming months will prove to be fruitful in terms of continuing to carry on tradition.


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