Some Notable Snubs from the Twin Peaks Cast List

David Lynch recently released the cast list for the new season of Twin Peaks, which has been reported as not being a reboot, but rather a continuation of the original series from when it first aired in the early nineties.

The cast list is long—217 people long to be exact. A litany of new actors are joining the series and, with a few exceptions, most of the original players are returning as well. The list is not without its snubs, however, and below are some notable absences from a roster many experts thought included everyone in the history of the entertainment industry.

Miley Cyrus

Andrew Dice ClayKISS By Monster Mini Golf Grand Opening

DJ Qualls

Dante’s ex from Clerks that had sex with a corpse

Pizza Rat


Mon Mothma

Meaty and/or Beefy the bulldogs

Odlaw AKA Bumblebee Waldo


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