Hamilton Nominated for 16 (!) Tony Awards

Hamilton, the Broadway musical sensation that is sold out until March of a year made up of only impossible numbers, secured a record 16 nominations for this year’s Tony Awards. Sixteen! The previous record holders, The Producers (2001) and Billy Elliot (2009), were each nominated 15 times, respectively winning 12 (still the most ever) and 10.


Perhaps even more outrageous than the total tally is that in the featured actor category, three cast members are nominated. And two for lead actor. That’s a lot of infighting! Looking at the full list of nominees, it appears that Hamilton was nominated for every major award given to current, contemporary musicals. Does that mean that we’ve hit a ceiling? This is all just ridiculous and wonderful.

However, I fear that I’ll be long absent from this earth, parading around the great big colony in the sky, before ever actually seeing Hamilton for myself. Sure, I could fork over the $400-900 per ticket. OR, I could just save my money for an Oculus Rift and just hope that I can experience it from the comfort of my own sad bathtub some day.

In the meantime, the New York Times wrote this piece last summer about the history behind Hamilton‘s genesis, which was just updated today to reflect the Tony news. And as you may remember from a couple weeks ago, the cast broke out into this impromptu tribute to Prince the day he died.

I mean…we all gotta see this show.


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