The Video for DJ Shadow’s “The Mountain Will Fall” is a Lonely, Lovely Journey.

Upon hearing the new DJ Shadow single “The Mountain Will Fall,” you are transported onto a launched rocket that has breached the outermost layer of earth’s atmosphere, its thrusting engines jettisoned, and at a coasting velocity towards destinations unknown. Soft, spacey synths create an almost palpable, misty texture that sticks to the windows as you peer through them and see all that is familiar get smaller and smaller, slowly fading into a nothingness that eerily resembles the void in front of you. The beat rises and falls, catches you and lets you go, but ushers you forward nonetheless.

“The Mountain Will Fall” is one of the more accomplished tracks I’ve heard this year, and it embraces really everything I love about instrumental hip hop. The video that accompanies it literally illustrates the helplessness one would feel being lost in space, careening uncontrollably through the cosmos. Turn the lights off, pop this mother into fullscreen, and enjoy the ride.

According to the track list, “The Mountain Will Fall” will be the lead song on DJ Shadow’s forthcoming album of the same name, which due out on June 24.


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