Metal Monday: Deafheaven – “The Pecan Tree”

Well, well, well. Look who decided to show up to work today. Whenever it’s a beautiful morning in the city I’m always immediately taken to the halfway-ish point of Deafheaven’s “The Pecan Tree.” You can almost feel a cool breeze cut through sticky, sun-soaked air, pushing empty swings dangling from commanding boughs on large plots of land, as you survey the landscape from your covered porch. A small collection of sweat rests above your lip. Eyes closed, you lean back and lick it away. Just as the chunky guitar blasts reemerge, a car races past you down Fifth Ave with what seems to be a cinder block taped to its horn. The ethereal power of the melody subsides, and you continue plodding along to work. You gotta pay attention out there! The transportational qualities of this song are very real.


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