NYC’s Newest Radio Station Broadcasts from a Shipping Container in Brooklyn, Because Of Course.

Over the weekend Gothamist reported on the new tenants of a tiny, triangle-shaped lot on Nassau Avenue that divides Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Contrary to popular belief, the space isn’t the new home of an avocado toast trattoria or some combination florist-skateboard shop. No, it’s the operating base of the fittingly named The Lot Radio, an independent radio station. And it broadcasts out of an old shipping container, because this is still nü Brooklyn, after all.


In the article, Francois Vaxelaire, a resident of the neighborhood, said he contacted the owner of the lot immediately after seeing a “for lease” sign on the property, and stated that for a while everyone in the area had always wondered about the space, but it was never available.

“It’s magic. It’s a triangle,” Vaxelaire said, adding that because the site hasn’t any adjacent neighbors it creates its own unobstructed view of the city. Judging by the image backdrop on The Lot’s website, he sure is right.


I love everything about this. The fact that this tiny little slice of Brooklyn real estate is helping give music—and coffee! A small shop in the container provides java and pastries to fund the radio station—to the community rather than being co-opted as a cat café or some shit is inspiring. AND the church across the street is helping out, donating pews for seating. It’s all very rad.

DJ sets are streamed live via their website and also embedded below. You can hear archived sets on their Mixcloud page. But most importantly, if you can’t make it to the actual location and support by way of getting your caffeine fix, you can donate here to keep a new, excellent thing going.


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