Wednesday Wake-Up: Found Money in the Speaker, Bought Lower Manhattan Pizza

Aesop Rock dropped The Impossible Kid a week and a half ago, his seventh full-length album, and quite possibly his most earnest to date. It’s a beast of a record, and like his previous efforts, contains well over a dozen tracks with such unreserved, rapid-fire rhyming that it will make your head spin. “Defender” is no exception, and might be the best of the bunch, with the kid’s loquacious lyricism washing over a bare-bones, boom-bap beat that just oozes classic underground, NYC hip hop.

I’ll do an album review at some point in the near future, but for now you can stream it on Spotify, and marvel at Ace’s “unfuckwithable” lyrical prowess here, which is a site that will absolutely never get old. #loldmx