Deafheaven Shatter Your New Expectations of Them with a Black Brick.

Deafheaven released their most recent (and very excellent) full-length album, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, six months ago and are already back in the studio. The latest fruit of their labor comes in the form of a new song called “Black Brick,” and it’s a self-described B-side of the latest LP, which couldn’t be a more accurate descriptor of what this track brings. Where Ordinary Corrupt Human Love had a very avant-garde approach with the band going whole-goddamn-hog into embracing the pejoratively labeled “hipster black metal” of their evolution thus far, this flip-side single turns the clock almost all the way back to their demo roots. It’s a ferocious seven minutes of blistering blackness, artfully orchestrated to jerk you left and right while still on an otherwise one-way hellride into darkness. Enjoy it below.

Deafheaven and Baroness co-headline on their upcoming tour, with dates in the greater NYC area on April 5 at my old Jersey stomping grounds, The Starland Ballroom (where I will happily be attending), and a week later at Terminal 5 in Manhattan on April 12. With a new Baroness record a couple months away, these are sure to be v special nights.


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