Holy Shit, This Steph Curry Pass.

The Warriors made a stop at the Staples Center last night during their march toward a number one seed in the Western Conference, and hoo boy did they have their way with the forlorn Lakers. Jumping out to an almost immediate 20-point lead in the first quarter, which honestly felt like they had right from tip-off, they toyed with the depleted LA squad all game, subbing in bench player after bench player, and ensuring that no one Warrior had over 30 minutes of playing time.

It was in the midst of that torrid first quarter start that Wardell Stephen Curry stripped his former teammate JaVale McGee of his own putback attempt, ran into a carwash of hands while securing the possession, and swung a 50-foot, behind-the-back dime to a downcourt Kevin Durant, who finished off the sequence with one of his effortless, gazelle-like dunks. I mean look at this shit:

In a career oversaturated with just so many jaw-dropping assists, that might have been one of his best ever. This is Steph’s world, and we’re just dizzily living in it, one on-court circus act after another, forever.


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