The Infuerno, as you see it here, is the third iteration of a blog of the same name that I originally started in a junior year blogging class at NYU. (I’ll just pretend that you’re surprised my alma mater had a “blogging class.”) Back then I used it as a vehicle to write candidly about a litany of topics, from weekly recaps of Real World vs. Road Rules Challenge episodes (hence the name), to movies, music, sports…basically whatever 21-year-old me was interested in at the time. As you click around you’ll notice that that’s more or less the case here even over a decade later. Except I’ve traded in (most of) my immaturity and lush, youthful hair for a more curated and refined worldview, a better employment of the semicolon, and a greater appreciation for all of the weird stuff that keeps us going every day.

Hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.