Bernie Needs to Stay in the Race. Also: Has the Rap Game Changed?

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Bernie Sanders got smacked around earlier this week, losing four out of five “Acela” state primaries, which was to be expected. This is on the heels of getting his tookus handed to him in New York last week which, again, was something also to be expected. At this point the campaign has now arrived at its own internal crossroads—the advisors and managers are insisting that Bernie is still in it to win it, yet he himself has indicated that a goal would be to pull the Hillary camp left and to tackle individual issues that the DNC must acknowledge and reconcile in the weeks and months leading up to the Philly convention.

Some pundits are demanding that he drop out immediately as to not further divide the party, while others maintain that he stay in it, as an FBI indictment against Hillary is “all but a sure thing,” and that the DNC will need a horse in the race to hedge its bets.

But how about this: Bernie stays in the race, not to satisfy his own ego (God knows we don’t need anymore of that in the 2016 political spectrum), but rather to massage the fervent support he has garnered over the past, what, eight months or so? And tacitly usher it in the direction of Hillary, the all-but presumptive nominee to combat whatever lagoon creature emerges on the other side that has the intentions of jamming this country straight into the toilet. Sure, the Bernie camp has been in a dogfight with Hillary recently, but then again, that has only been recently. Remember before New York? When he was tackling larger, more socially progressive issues, before diving into Hillary-specific attacks? This is the rhetoric the left needs to associate with its frontrunner. And clearly that frontrunner is Hillary. They need Bernie to remain in the race, to hammer home this agenda so that come July, the DNC and his ideologies begin to homogenize into one and the same. Besides, he has the capital to remain in the race, and ultimately the onus is on him to unite the party; I am one that respects a valid opinion, but an opinion that says Hillary needs to poach his support to unite the party, rather than the Bernie camp tipping the scales themselves, is, respectfully, a wrong opinion to have. The Bernie campaign needs to swallow its pride and realize what is most beneficial for the country. As Kanye once said, no one man should have all that power; in the US, no one man can. But the seeds of a revolution can be planted (and they have), and strength now lies in the collective greenthumb that can fruitfully yield the crops of significant change if the powers that be allow.

On a separate and unrelated note, has the rap game changed? Beyoncé “pulled a Death Grips” two and a half years ago, releasing an album out of nowhere, which happened to be right before Christmas. And she done did it again last weekend with Lemonade. Meanwhile Drake hinted at his new album two years ago, and it dropped today, and everyone still acts like it’s the biggest thing to ever happen since Lemonade. Which, again, was only six days ago. What’s going on with the rap/hip hop world, guys? It’s like you can’t even surprise anyone anymore. This shit is getting confusing.


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